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   The band's musical career has offered the young musicians the opportunity to perform in beautiful theatres, grand ball rooms and everywhere in between. In early 2018, The Ring of Fire band & manager implemented their " Legion Support Tour". Committing their touring dates to exclusively perform at the Royal Canadian Legion branches from Victoria BC to St Johns NL, all of the 4 musicians & band manager are proud RCL Members. To help the band succeed with their full-time touring schedule, Robin and Darlene Saulnier who own and operate Expert Island  have sponsored the band with all top of the line PA equipment, lighting and stage production that the group will need to continue on! 
    At least 64 Legion Branches in Canada since 2006 have closed their doors forever. That's 64 doors that have closed on our Canadian Military Veterans and their families that rely on the tremendous support that The Royal Canadian Legion provides. This is largely due to the lack of new membership. As a society in today's age, it's not uncommon to hear that we take most of our treasures for granted until they're gone. When we lose a Veteran or a Legion member passes, it's up to the younger generations to step in and continue carrying the torch or the number of Legion members will keep dwindling down and these sacred buildings will only be a memory. During our Legion performances, we encourage non-members who attend the show to join the RCL and become a member. We have membership forms available at our greeting table along with Legion brochures that provides valuable information to the public about joining the Legion that may be unbeknownst to outsiders.

An Open Letter from 
Tony Bendel Public Relations Officer;
Lord Elgin Branch #41
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 Legion Support Tour Promotional Video

"As a 30yr Legion Member, Past 2nd, 3rd Vice President, Poppy Chairman & Public Relations Officer I encourage everyone to attend the "Ring Of Fire" show if you can. From the moment the show starts till the end, your feet are just stomping on the floor. Excellent stage performance by all and very proud to say that all the band members are Legion Members as well as the Band Manager Julie Filion. Awesome job Comrades! "

Tony Bendel
Public Relations Officer
Lord Elgin Branch #41
St. Thomas Ontario

What an amazing performance put on at our Legion! The Ring of Fire: A Johnny Cash Experience was at our Legion last night as one of their stops in their Legion tour. They are a great group of people who want to help bring people back in to the legions across Canada, which is one of our main goals! Definetly will have them back. There was such a great turn out!

Royal Canadian Legion Branch #497
  Omemee Ontario

Julie Filion - (613)-816-2565

 [email protected]

Band Manager:

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Join The Legion

On Saturday July 14th we had the wonderful pleasure of being joined by this tribute band "The Ring of Fire: A Johnny Cash Experience. If you have seen them you know how good they are but if you have not seen them....trust us...GO SEE THEM! 
What an awesome band and truly the best tribute band for Johnny Cash you will ever hear. They are amazing advocates for the Legion and are touring all the Legion to bring awareness to the importance of the Legion and its Veterans. 
Can not wait for them to return next year.
Watch for them in your area...Go see them.

Royal Canadian Legion Branch #30
Port Hope Ontario
  • No performance fee is charged to ANY Royal Canadian Legion Branch - The band will NEVER cost the Legion Branch a dime to host a concert.
  •  All 4 musicians & Manager Julie Filion are Royal Canadian Legion Members. 
  •  2 Hour Concert Performance – Two, one hour sets with 20 minute Intermission.
  • Over 35 of the greatest and most popular Johnny Cash songs.
  • Focusing on the “live” renditions of the hit songs during the incredible span of Cash’s 5 decade career.
  • Customizing the concert set list to cater to our audience and Legion atmosphere.
  • A concert experience with astounding stage presence, audience interaction, and the musicians sharply dressed in classic attire representing the golden age of Show Business.
  • Based out of Hamilton Ontario. The group has crossed the country several times delivering this “as real as it gets” Johnny Cash Experience far and wide from their hometown and travel in their all black Dodge Ram 1500 5.7 Hemi that the band named "Steven".
  • With the musicians all being under 30 years old, they have the advantage of youth on their side and the element of surprise to captivate and accurately display the high energy and true grit required when emulating Johnny Cash & The Tennessee 3 band.
  • Supreme instrumental accuracy leaves no room for questioning that this group has studied endless hours of footage to maintain and uphold their earned reputation of being Canada’s Leading Johnny Cash Concert Experience.
  • Professional, efficient and respectful load in of production equipment and soundcheck. 
  •   To host The Ring Of Fire: A Johnny Cash Experience concert at your Royal Canadian Legion Branch please call Band Manager Julie Filion: (613) - 816 - 2565