THE Ring of Fire Band
Andy Vickers Johnny Cash Hamilton Ontario Canada tribute
Andy Vickers has fronted the band since its inception in 2006. Acting is a vital role when it comes to impersonating & his baritone voice, guitar picking, and even the uncanny "Young Cash" mannerisms recreate the Johnny Cash image from the 1960's 

Musical Interest: Outlaw Country, Classic Rock

Instrument: Custom built 1959 Johnny Cash
Signature Gibson J200 *Replica*

Years in Music : 12 years

Hobby: In between gigs and time off, you can find Andy fishing local waters with his two dogs Porter & Lucy. He can usually be found playing chess during some downtime on tour.
Michael Myszkowski Hamilton Johnny Cash Tribute
Dave Pearson  plays Lead Guitar. He gives the band "that sound". From his flat wound string fender guitar, to the legendary "tic-tac" rhythm, Dave has worked hard to fill the role that Luther Perkins played for Johnny Cash.

Musical Interest:  There isn't bad music.. It is just personal preferance. Every genre has catchy tunes.

Instrument:  Fender esquire 

Years in music: 15 years

Hobby: It's the simple things in life that Dave enjoys; like, rewiring his guitars and putting in hundreds of hours of practice learning new instruments 
Michael Myszkowski Hamilton Johnny Cash Tribute
Joey DePaiva   The youngest member of the group. He keeps the music steady & razor sharp with the "boom" that Marshall Grant gave us while playing Bass with Johnny Cash.  Joey has been described as an old soul and wears that title as a badge of honour.  

Musical Interest: Classic Rock, Country, Blues, Motown.

Instrument: Classic Vibe 50’s Precision Bass. 

Years in music: 10years

Hobby: Collecting CDs, attending concerts, watching the Toronto Maple Leafs.
Dave Johnson Hamilton Johnny Cash Tribute
​​Dave Johnson has performed with the band since 2010. His ability to recreate the "train rhythm" is due to one-on-one coaching from the  "The Father of Drums" himself- Johnny's only drummer;  WS Holland. Dave adds the final piece to create the perfect Johnny Cash Experience

Musical Interest: Prog Rock

Instrument: Mapexx Drum kit

Years In Music: 24 years

Hobby: Dave is an amateur brew master. On his spare time, you will see him bobbing his head while listening to his favourite band "RUSH" and creating his very own varieties of beer.​
Julie Filion Hamilton Johnny Cash Tribute
Julie Filion    is the Band Manager. It takes a tough woman with a lot of patience to deal with 4 guys on tour and she has exactly what it takes! At only 5 feet tall Julie naturally looks up but it's her powerful leadership and management skills that inspires everyone she meets to look up to her. 

Musical Interest: Merle Haggard, George Jones, and of course Johnny Cash!

Hobby: Cruisin the wide open road on her motorcycle looking for the perfect fishing hole! An outdoors lady who isn't afraid of getting her hands dirty but is even mightier with her black book and pen!​
  • 2 Hour Concert Performance – Two, one hour sets with 20 minute Intermission.
  • Over 30 of the greatest and most popular Johnny Cash songs.
  • Focusing on the “live” renditions of the hit songs during the incredible span of Cash’s 5 decade career.
  • Customizing the concert set list to cater to our audience and venue atmosphere.
  • Furthering the concert experience with astounding stage presence, audience interaction, and the musicians sharply dressed in classic attire representing the golden age of Show Business.
  • Based out of Hamilton Ontario, The group has crossed the country several times delivering this “as real as it gets” Johnny Cash Experience. 
  • With the musicians all being under 30 years old, they have the advantage of youth on their side and the element of surprise to captivate and accurately display the high energy and true grit required when emulating Johnny Cash & The Tennessee 3 band.
  • Supreme instrumental accuracy leaves no room for questioning that this group has studied endless hours of footage to maintain and uphold their earned reputation of being Canada’s Leading Johnny Cash Concert Experience.
Hamilton Johnny Cash Tribute Ontario
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